TUE, OCTOBER 13, 2020 • S1 E16 • 53 MIN 18 SEC

Teslas Game-Changing Battery Tech

Hello everyone. This episode comes on the tail of Tesla’s incredible new battery technology that will change the way lithium ion batteries are made. The new cells, called 4680, because they’re 46mm wide and 80mm tall, feature a great number of design and material changes that will cut out cobalt, an expensive material in terms of cost of mining, the danger involved, and the carbon footprint of shipping it around the world to produce batteries. The materials can be sourced locally, instead of globally, and the batteries provide greater range and power, as well as dropping the overall production cost of a car battery by 56%. Yes, more than half the price less. This will definitely trickle down to bikes and other modes of transportation. For this episode, we are talking to Ravi Kempaiah, world record holder for longest distance traveled on an e-bike, as well as two more pending for most distance traveled in 12 and 24 hours on an e-bike. He’s working on his PhD in energy storage materials at the University of Illinois at Chicago. That is, he’s a proper expert in the field of batteries. We get into the weeds on this exciting new technology that will change the game for electric vehicles. #tesla #4680 #battery



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TUE, OCTOBER 13, 2020


53 MIN 18 SEC