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Yamaha Announces Three New E-bikes

Yamaha Bicycles has just announced 3 remarkable new e-bikes, including a 28mph drop bar road bike and two full-suspension mountain bikes with a truly unique frame design. TYou can check them out on our website, but also look at Yamaha’s page at to see them and have a chance to win your choice of one! My guest today is a friend and someone I've had on the show not too long ago. It's Drew engelmann from Yamaha bicycles. They've announced three brand new bikes since I last interviewed him, including a class 328 mile per hour drop bar bike called the savanti. And their first ever full suspension electric mountain bikes. The y dx Morrow and y dx Morrow pro The ladder to feature a patent pending frame design with a split top tube and split down to that they call a dual twin frame, allowing some big advantages in the design. This shows that ebikes offer bike designers a chance to make something entirely different than a traditional bicycle. and think outside the diamond as it were. Let's jump right in and talk about it with Drew. How you been? Good good, man. Yeah, we haven't. We haven't. It hasn't been that long since we talked. But there's a lot of exciting stuff that's come out since then. There really is, isn't there? Yeah. First and foremost, rad on 4k. Holy cow, man. Have you seen it? I haven't seen it yet. I'm just so pumped that it's coming. It's July. Yeah. Yeah, we actually produce some of the special features for it. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. So when did it launch officially? It was it was in June. I can't remember when it was in June. Okay, I've it's funny. I'm like seeing all these trailers. it and then I actually literally like right before we got on the phone together just look to see if it launched yet and it says July and the other trailers that I'm looking at. So if it's out already I'm, I'm even more excited for today. That's awesome. Yeah, actually you can get it video on demand, you cannot any longer get the special edition with the special features on it. They sold out of 12,000 copies really fast. Yeah, I can imagine holy. I mean, what, what other movie can a generation that is as vast as it is? kind of tie everything back to what happened in that movie as an inspiration. You know, it's like, I think everybody has a rad story. Absolutely. I run into fans of that film all the time. And the funny thing is it has the biggest disparity on Rotten Tomatoes between the critics which gave it to zero. And the fans give it 100% Welcome to the cycling industry. We don't care what anybody else thinks we're just doing what we like, there you go. That's right, actually the way it should be done. I think so i think so. Yeah. Absolutely. So yeah, you've been a really busy guy though. I'm following you on social obviously and we catch up on there but man I tell you you've had a very busy summer haven't you? Oh, just a little bit and I've been playing around with some electric motorcycles Yeah, I saw that too. I'm sorry you had to give that back. Yeah, well when's Yamaha coming out with one goodness gracious if I knew I'd be a pretty happy camper myself Yeah, yeah we're we're smart power vehicle division in our group you know so we handle the power says bicycles and power assist wheelchairs and outside of that I am in the dark on so many things as much as any other consumer would be. Oh, I'm sure I'm sure. Yeah, so Well, let's let's talk Why do you x Morrow and the the commuter bike. Yeah, absolutely. This Avante and the white x Morrow and what x mauripro. Let's, let's have a chat. I'm super excited to finally get to talk about this stuff with you. Yeah. Tell me about the Tell me about the y dx Morrow and the y dx model. And how did that name come about? I mean, it's a, obviously similar to the y dx torque but surely in the nomenclature. Yeah, so the y dx is our prefix for the Yamaha dirt experience. So, you know, if we were to kind of look back at th



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