THU, FEBRUARY 3, 2022 • S3 E30 • 16 MIN 47 SEC

Anton Wass of Stark Future -Electric Motocross Bike

My interview today is with Anton Wass, CEO and Founder of Stark Future. They recently announced their electric motocross bike, one that is as powerful, if not more so, than a 450 gas bike, with a range to match. The bike is called the Stark Varg, which is Swedish for “Strong Wolf”. Stark is planning on making other types of motorcycles, but they dove head-first into motocross, because it’s the most demanding in terms of engineering and handling. Stark is one of the frontrunners in the space right now. Zero had a motocross-ish bike at their beginning, Alta motors tried and failed, Cake has off-road bikes but they’re hardly motocross-ready, Sur-Ron is planning a full-size e-moto, and KTM is the only one of the established motocross brands that has an electric motocross bike on the market with the Freeride EX-C. Other major brands are working on it, we’ve seen some amazing prototypes out there, but they aren’t in production. Stark is just starting production on the Varg, it will start delivering later in 2022. We can’t wait to try one, and I think there’s some serious interest at our sister magazines, Motocross Action and Dirt Bike. I’m excited to talk with Anton about the high points of the Varg, so without further adieu, here’s my conversation with Anton.



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16 MIN 47 SEC