MON, MAY 31, 2021 • S2 E22 • 37 MIN 20 SEC

Anthony Scott, CEO of Zeiser Motors

My guest today is Anthony Cross, the founder and CEO of Zaiser motors. They’re working on their first electric motorcycle, the Electrocycle, and I think it is stunning. The online community is torn about the design, but everyone is excited about the claimed 300 mile range. The bike is very different from electric motorcycles like any of the Zeros or the Livewire, in that it uses hub motors instead of an on-chassis motor. Notice that I said motors, plural. There will be a hub motor in both the front and rear wheel, which they promise will deliver better traction control and stability. Color me intrigued. I’ve ridden dual-motor electric fat bikes, and they can be really good, but the motors have to be precisely controlled. If you want to see what the bike looks like, check out our article on Zaiser is currently running a crowdfunding campaign with Wefunder, and I’ll put a link below in the show notes.  In this interview, Anthony and I discuss how he started, and where he plans to go with this. Without further adieu, here’s Anthony.



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MON, MAY 31, 2021


37 MIN 20 SEC