WED, NOVEMBER 17, 2021 • S2 E28 • 17 MIN 15 SEC

Leo Raudys with Call2Recycle on recycling batteries and sustainability in an electric world

In this episode, I talk with Leo Raudys, President and CEO of Call2Recycle. Call2Recycle is a company that’s been recycling batteries since 1994, and they now have a partnership with People For Bikes that will soon launch an e-bike recycling program for bike shops, so bike owners can turn in their  old batteries that will then be recycled into new ones. They can pull most of the materials out of batteries, which cuts down on the need to mine new materials, which also means that batteries made from recycled materials has a much lower carbon footprint. Leo has a long background in environmental and sustainability practices, formerly he was the Environmental Director, Cloud Operations and Innovation for Microsoft, and he also served as Senior Director Environmental Sustainability for Best Buy and Deputy Commissioner at Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, where he was responsible for many of the environmental policies and programs for the state. He’s even taught taught corporate environmental management at the University of Minnesota. The conversation is great and fairly short. Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll get every episode of the podcast, your support is very much appreciated. Leo is also author of The Cheap Guide to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, available on Amazon or wherever you buy books. Call2Recycle’s website is People For Bikes’ website is Electric Bike Action Magazine’s website is



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WED, NOVEMBER 17, 2021


17 MIN 15 SEC