MON, MARCH 15, 2021 • S2 E25 • 27 MIN 52 SEC

Jason Huntsman of Serial 1 Cycle Company, Harley-Davidsons electric bike company

I recently had a chance to test ride the new electric bicycles from Serial 1 Cycle Company, the e-bike company spun off from Harley-Davidson. The bikes are great, you can check out my first impression on our YouTube channel. I also had the chance to have a conversation, which you will hear here, with the President of Serial 1, Jason Huntsman. Jason has a strong background in the EV space, and we talk about why spinning off Serial 1 from Harley-Davidson was a brilliant idea, giving them the agility of a startup, but access to all the engineering knowledge and facilities of Harley. We talk about Serial 1’s new line of bikes, where people can try them, and where the brand is going. Without further adieu, here’s Jason.



Electric Bike Action Podcast


MON, MARCH 15, 2021


27 MIN 52 SEC