WED, MARCH 30, 2022 • S3 E31 • 29 MIN 10 SEC

Andrew Davidge of Vintage Electric Cycles

In this episode I interview Andrew Davidge, founder and CEO of Vintage Electric Bikes. Vintage electric bikes got its start when Andrew Davidge Yes, it rhymes with savage built his first vintage electric bike in his parent's garage in 2013.He took it to a prestigious vintage car show in Monterey, California, and that launched the company. If you haven't seen the bikes, they look like they look like an early 20th century motorcycle with a big headlight and the battery made to look just like a V twin engine. As Andrew says, "the past and future don't have to exist mutually exclusive of each other. This guides the company's aesthetic, they have plenty of power and the ride is downright fun. We've ridden several of their bikes including the latest the new Roadster they've revamped their they've revamped their entire motor and battery system up to 72 volts and the results are thrilling. You can check out the entire line at



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WED, MARCH 30, 2022


29 MIN 10 SEC